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Podcast intelligence built on Google Analytics.
A holistic point of view with familiar tools & data that works together.

Subscriber Count Identify recurring listeners with
a wealth of surrounding data.

Demographics & Geolocation Know your subscribers age,
gender and location.

RSS Feeds & Distribution Centralized publishing and
distribution of your content.

Conversions / Goal Funnels Smarter content decisions by
seeing what works and where.

Our embeddable audio player has
behavioral analytics


Make your Podcast accessible & measure
results from 30+ leading networks across
TV, Desktop, Web & Mobile.


Effortlessly move from any hosting provider via your RSS feed.

  • Step 1

    Share your
    existing RSS Feed

  • Step 2

    Review & validate the
    content being imported

  • Step 3

    Update iTunes &
    Google Play with your
    new Alsoa RSS feed

No RSS Feed? Upload your Podcast episodes & images. We’ll create one for you.